Jeremy Needle

Postdoctoral Fellow


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Socio-indexical effects
  • Word creation and adoption
  • Pseudowords, typicality, and well-formedness
  • Morphological productivity
  • The mental lexicon


I am interested in how language changes over time and varies for individuals and groups. Some of my work deals with the mental lexicon, well-formedness, and word creation, taking into account people’s social experiences and intentions. My research on well-formedness probes how judgment arises from speakers’ experiences, how words and word-parts are represented in the mental lexicon, and how social information is integrated with these in memory. I have worked on English in the USA, UK, and in NZ, and on Māori in NZ.

Currently, I am working with Dr. Sali Tagliamonte and the Variationist Sociolinguistics Lab, looking at social variation in the Ontario Dialects Project corpora.


PhD, Northwestern University
MA, North Carolina State University
BA, Duke University