Nayoun Kim

Postdoctoral Fellow


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sentence Processing, Syntax
  • Syntax and its representation in memory
  • Semantics, Pragmatics

Name of Postdoctoral Fellowship

Arts & Science Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto


My research program cuts across two related but independent areas, online sentence processing and syntax. Specifically, I have been working on how memory structures and online structure building processes interact. To this end, my research projects are concerned with syntax and the online processing of wh-filler-gap dependencies and ellipsis constructions (in comparison to other anaphoric elements), both of which crucially involves the process of structure building and memory retrieval. My postdoctoral work will continue to integrate experimental psycholinguistics and syntax/semantics/pragmatics to better understand the underlying mechanisms working behind sentence processing, with Dr. Keir Moulton and Dr. Daphna Heller. 


PhD, Northwestern University