Lecture: Ur Shlonsky

When and Where

Friday, September 20, 2019 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
SS 560A
Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George Street, Toronto ON M5S 3G3


Ur Shlonsky, University of Geneva


Copular sentences and their subjects


Hebrew copular sentences in the present tense look like small clauses, leading one to think that the structure of (i) is equivalent to the reduced structure attributed to the bracketed part of (ii).

(i) Daniela balʃanit mecuyenet.

     Daniela  linguist   excellent

        ‘Daniela is an excellent linguist.”


(ii)     Bill considers [Daniela an excellent linguist].


I believe this is a false analogy. I try to demonstrate that the copula-less sentences in (i) contain a (perhaps surprisingly) rich functional structure and incorporate (at least) two distinct subject positions. The presentation starts out with a discussion of copular sentences in French, where the evidence for two subject positions is overt, and proceeds to a presentation and analysis of Hebrew.

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100 St. George Street, Toronto ON M5S 3G3