PhD Alumni

Name Year Title
Julien Carrier 2021 Ergativity on the Move
Majed Al Solami 2020 Vowel Elision, Epenthesis and Metrical Systems in Bedouin Arabic Dialects
Ross Godfrey 2020 Morphemes Without Morphs: A Theory of Syntactic Arrangements and Phonological Processes
Erin Hall 2020 Child Participation in Linguistic Changes in Progress in Ontario English
Joanna Chociej 2019 Exceptional Faithfulness and Exceptional Alternation: A Case Study of Polish Vowel-Zero Alternations as Deletion and Epenthesis
Emily Clare 2019 Dynamicity in Speech Perception
Julianne Doner 2019 The EPP Across Languages
Daniel Milway 2019 Explaining the Resultative Parameter
Patrick Murphy 2019 Listening to Writers and Riders: Partial Contrast and the Perception of Canadian Raising
Iryna Osadcha 2019 Lexical Stress in East Slavic: Variation in Space and Time
Na-Young Ryu 2019 Effects of Web-Based Auditory Training on the Perception of Korean Sounds by Mandarin Learners of Korean
Rebecca Tollan 2019 Cross-Linguistic Effects of Subjecthood, Case, and Transitivity in Syntax and Sentence Processing
Tomohiro Yokoyama 2019 The Person Case Constraint: Unconditional Interfaces and Faultless Derivations
Clarissa Forbes 2018 Persistent Ergativity: Agreements and Splits in Tsimshianic
Phil Howson 2018 A Phonetic Examination of Rhotics: Gestural Representation Accounts for Phonological Behaviour
James Smith 2018 Sociophonetic Variation and Change of Northern Ontario English Vowels
Shayna Gardiner 2017 Yours, Mine & Ours: What Ancient Egyptian Possessives can tell us about Language Change and Stable Variation
Matthew Hunt Gardner 2017 Grammatical Variation and Change in Industrial Cape Breton
Ross Krekoski 2017 Contrast and Complexity in Chinese Tonal Systems
Annick Morin 2017 Questioning Particles: A Cross-Linguistic Approach to Quebec French Polar Interrogatives
Marisa Brook 2016 Syntactic Categories Informing Variationist Analysis: The Case of English Copy-Raising
Yu-Leng Lin 2016 Sonority Effects and Learning Bias in Nasal Harmony
Safieh Moghaddam 2016 Split Ergativity in Davani
Mercedeh Mohaghegh 2016 Connected Speech Processes and Lexical Access in Real-Time
Ailis Cournane 2015 Modal Development: Input-Divergent L1 Acquisition in the Direction of Diachronic Reanalysis
Derek Denis 2015 The Development of Pragmatic Markers in Canadian English
Liisa Duncan 2015 Productivity of Finnish Vowel Harmony: Experimental Evidence
Julie Goncharov 2015 In Search of Reference: A Case of Russian Adjectival Intensifier Samyj
Christopher Spahr 2015 Contrastive Representations in Non-Segmental Phonology
Suzanne Belanger 2014 Regeneration in Recall and Verb Phrase Ellipsis
LeAnn Brown 2014 Phonetic Cues and the Perception of Gender and Sexual Orientation
Catherine Macdonald 2014 Functional Projections and Non-Local Relations in Tongan Nominal Phrases
Will Oxford 2014 Microparameters of Agreement: A Diachronic Perspective on Algonquian Verb Inflection
Milica Radisic 2014 An Ultrasound and Acoustic Study of Turkish Rounded/Unrounded Vowel Pairs
Ulyana Savchenko 2014 Second Language Acquisition of Russian Applicative Experiencers
Eugenia Suh 2014 Incomplete Acquisition in the Nominal Domain of Korean by Heritage Language Speakers
Abdel-Khalig Ali 2013 Syllabification and Phrasing in Three Dialects of Sudanese Arabic
Sarah Clarke 2013 Aspectual Scope and Contrast in English and Japanese
Bridget Jankowski 2013 A Variationist Approach to Cross-Register Language
Paul Arsenault 2012 Retroflex Consonant Harmony in South Asia
Richard Compton 2012 The Syntax and Semantics of Modification in Inuktitut: Adjectives and Adverbs in a Polysynthetic Language
Bethany MacLeod 2012 The Effect of Perceptual Salience on Phonetic Accommodation in Cross-Dialectal Conversation in Spanish
Kenji Oda 2012 Issues in the Left Periphery of Modern Irish
Elham Rohany Rahbar 2012 Aspects of Persian Phonology and Morpho-Phonology
Bettina Spreng 2012 Viewpoint Aspect in Inuktitut: The Syntax and Semantics of Antipassives
Anne St-Amand 2012 Hiatus and Hiatus Resolution in Canadian French
Julia Yu-Ying Su 2012 The Syntax of Functional Projections in the vP Periphery
Sandrine Tailleur 2012 The French Interrogative System: Est-ce que, Clefting?
Rashid Al-Balushi 2011 Case in Standard Arabic: the Untravelled Paths
Jaehee Bak 2011 The Light Verb Construction in Korean
Midori Hayashi 2011 The Structure of Multiple Tenses in Inuktitut
Monica Irimia 2011 Secondary Predicates
Kyumin Kim 2011 External Argument Introducers
Maria Kyriakaki 2011 DETs in the Functional Syntax of Greek Nominals
Marina Sherkina-Lieber 2011 Comprehension of Labrador Inuttitut Functional Morphology by Receptive Bilinguals
Tanya Slavin 2011 The Syntax and Semantics of Stem Composition in Ojicree
Cathleen Waters 2011 Social and Linguistic Correlates of Adverb Variability in English: A Cross-Varietal Perspective
Nattaya Piriyawiboon 2010 Classifiers and Determiner-less Languages: The Case of Thai
Eric Smith 2010 Query-Based Annotation and the Sumerian Verbal Prefixes
Chiara Frigeni 2009 Sonorant Relationships in the Two Varieties of Sardinian
Manami Hirayama 2009 Postlexival Prosodic Structure and Vowel Devoicing in Japanese
Sara Mackenzie 2009 Contrast and Similarity in Consonant Harmony Processes
Magdalena Goledzinowska 2007 Morphosyntactic Idiosyncracy and Lexical Specification
Kevin Heffernan 2007 Phonetic Distinctiveness as a Sociolinguistic Variable
Daniel Currie Hall 2007 The Role and Representation of Contrast in Phonological Theory
Nicole Rosen 2007 Domains in Michif Phonology
Michael Barrie 2006 Dynamic Assymetry and the Syntax of Noun Incorporation
Alexandra D'Arcy 2005 Like: Syntax and Development
Mohammad Haji-Abdolhosseini 2005 Modularity and Soft Constraints: A Study of Conflict Resolution in Grammar
Arsalan Kahnemuyipour 2004 The Syntax of Sentential Stress
Milan Rezac 2004 Elements of Cycle Syntax: Agree and Merge
Wenckje Jongstra 2003 Variation in Reduction Strategies of Dutch Word-Initial Consonant Clusters
Susana Béjar 2003 Phi-Syntax: A Theory of Agreement
Nila Friedberg 2002 Metrical Complexity in Russian Iambic Verse: A Study of Form and Meaning
Juli Cebrian 2002 Phonetic Similarity, Syllabification, and Phonotactic Constraints in the Acquisition of a Second Language
Alexei Kochetov 2001 Production, Perception, and Emergent Phonotactic Patterns: A Case of Contrastive Palatalization
Andrea Hoa Pham 2001 Vietnamese Tone: Tone is not Pitch
JunMo Cho 2000 The Nature of Legibility Conditions
David Beck 1999 The Typology of Parts of Speech Systems: The Markedness of Adjectives
Trisha Causley 1999 Complexity and Markedness in Optimality Theory
Elaine Gold 1999 Aspect, Tense, and the Lexicon: Expression of Time in Yiddish
Hong Zhou 1999 Vowel Systems in Mandarin Languages
Päivi Koskinen 1998 Features and Categories: Non-Finite Constructions in French
David Heap 1997 Grammatical and Geolinguistic Variation: Subject Pronouns in Central Romance
Ning Zhang 1997 Syntactic Dependencies in Mandarin Chinese
Peter Avery 1996 The Representation of Voicing Contrasts
Jila Ghomeshi 1996 Projection and Inflection: A Study of Persian Phrase Structure
Philip Hamilton 1996 Phonetic Constraints and Markedness in the Phonotactics of Australian Aboriginal Languages
Xi Zhang 1996 Vowel Systems in the Manchu-Tungus Languages of China
Carrie Dyck 1995 Constraining the Phonology-Phonetics Interface
Regina Moorcroft 1995 Clause-Level Functional Categories in Germanic V2 Languages
Yuwen Wu 1994 Mandarin Segmental Phonology
Barbara Brunson 1992 Thematic Discontinuity
Karen Carlyle 1988 A Syllabic Phonology of Breton
Wladyslaw Cichocki 1986 Linguistic Applications of Dual Scaling in Variation Studies
Susan Ehrlich 1986 A Linguistic Analysis of Point of View in Fiction
Guy Ewing 1984 Presyntax: The Development of Word Order in Early Child Speech
Sheila Embleton 1981 Incorporating Borrowing Rates in Lexicostatistical Tree Reconstruction
Salina Shrofel 1981 Island Lake Ojibwa Morphophonemics
MIchael Dobrovolsky 1980 On Intonation: Functional, Emotive, Phonological
Eric Wheeler 1980 Grammars for the Recognition of Natural Language
Jean-Marie Massenet 1978 Some Aspects of Vowel and Consonant Quantity in Eskimo
Wilbur Pickering 1978 A Framework for Discourse Analysis
Lee Bohnhoff 1976 Vowel Length in Duru
Victoria Neufeldt 1976 The Metric of English Alliterative Verse: Piers the Plowman and Beowulf
Keren Rice 1976 Hare Phonology
Candace Séguinot 1976 Some Aspects of the Intonations of Yes-No Questions in Canadian English
Patricia Shaw 1976 Dakota Phonology and Morphology
Eric Keller 1975 Vowel Errors in Aphasia
Glyne Piggott 1974 Aspects of Odawa Morphophonemics
Cheryl Goodenough 1973 A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Theme and Information Focus
Jean Rogers 1973 Participant Identification and Role Allocation in Ojibwa
Suzanne Whalen 1973 The Impersonal Sentence in Russian and Romanian: A Case Grammar Approach
Maurice Holder 1970 "Ouisme" in the 17th Century: Causes and Results