Language Description, Documentation and Revitalization Group (LDDR)

The Language Description, Documentation and Revitalization Group (LDDR) group has been created to offer a centralized space for (i) the discussion of linguistic fieldwork and field methodologies, and (ii) the discussion of language revitalization as an interdisciplinary field of research, study, and practice. We seek to bring together researchers and students from a range of fields as well as language revitalization practitioners and knowledge holders, to share, present and discuss their work and experience as it relates to language documentation and revitalization. Our activities also include informal presentations about particular methods, problems, or data; conference dry runs; to workshops on practical techniques. We welcome different levels of experience and history with fieldwork, language documentation and/or language revitalization, as long as participants have an interest.

For more information or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Greg Antono or Ana Tona Messina.