How to Submit Supplemental Documents

Please review the summary below for more information on how to submit your supplemental documents (including your writing sample, statement of intent, etc.)


Step 1 is for applicants to fill out the online application form. During this step, they have the option of uploading their transcripts and CV, but it is not required at this point. They can submit the online application form without these documents. The "Review" page of the application form will alert them if they are missing any required fields. If there are no issues, they will click "Continue". 



Once they click Continue, they can no longer edit the application form. It will be officially submitted, and from there they are taken to their applicants status portal (Step 2). This is where they will pay their fee, see their checklist of all required materials (including writing sample, statement of intent, etc.), and upload those items. (NOTE: the image below refers to a Master of Teacing in Teaching, but the instructions apply to programs in Linguistics as well).