Independent Studies

Interested in taking an independent study course?

We offer several options for undergraduate students who would like to work with a supervisor on an independent project. You can take an independent study course as a full (1.0 FCE) or half-credit (0.5 FCE) course in the LIN49X series, and take it over one or two sessions. To enroll in an independent study course, you must secure a supervisor; together with them, you will work out a research plan with evaluation dates and methods and submit a project contract form (below) to the undergraduate office.

To be eligible for an independent study course at the 400-level, you must have completed at least 10.0 FCE toward your degree, and at least 3.0 FCE toward your linguistics program of study. You can complete 1.0 FCE with the same supervisor, and no more than 2.0 FCE overall in LIN independent study courses.

Applications should be sent to

PDF iconIndividual Project Form - LIN49X Courses