Language Requirement for Specialists

For the Language Requirement, you may study any single non-Germanic, non-Romance language that is not your first language. All courses must be taken at the university level and must be conducted in the language of study.

This rules out:

  • courses conducted primarily in English, as is typical for classical languages like Ancient Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew
  • German, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages (all Germanic)
  • French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian (all Romance)
  • placement credit due to prior study or knowledge (for example, if you place into 2nd-year Finnish due to high school study, you must still complete 2nd- and 3rd-year Finnish to satisfy the Language Requirement; placement out of 1st-year Finnish does not count towards the Language Requirement)

You can take any Asian, East Indian, Indigenous, African, Slavic, Celtic, Semitic, or Uralic language.

Note that all credits for the Language Requirement must come from a single language. You cannot satisfy the Language Requirement with 1.0 credit in one language and 1.0 credit in a different language.

Courses must be approved by the Associate Chair, Undergraduate.  Please email when this coursework is complete and grades are posted for 2.0 FCE of language courses.  It's best to check ahead of time about whether certain courses satisfy the requirement!


Last updated - July 1 2023